Stampy's Cool School is a school for Stampy's dogs.It teaches swimming,combat,cooking,and plants.


Stampy,L for Lee,Sqashy,and Amylee teach a single class to dogs.


L for Lee:Cooking

Amy Lee:Planting


Class RoomsEdit

Amy and Squashy's class room is on the first floor,while Stampy and Lee's class rooms are on the second floor.

Squashy's room has a big pool in the middle.

Lee has a room in the style of a kitchen.

Stampy's room is a simple open room with dolls that represents "googlies".

Amy's room is also simple but has four squares with dirt with plants on them.


Part 240,241,242,and 244 all have parts where the cool school is being built and/or being played in.

Part 240:
Minecraft Xbox - Cool School 240-021:54

Minecraft Xbox - Cool School 240-0

Part 241:
Minecraft Xbox - Playground 24121:01

Minecraft Xbox - Playground 241

Part 242:(NOTE:This is also the first video where Hose the Rose appears.This is also another episode where Stampy finds and cures another Zombie Villager.

Minecraft Xbox - Hose The Rose 24223:11

Minecraft Xbox - Hose The Rose 242

Part 244:
Minecraft Xbox - School Day 24424:23

Minecraft Xbox - School Day 244



The outside of the school is like an average looking school.There is a bell on the top of the school.

The colors are of red and white.


There is a small playground outside the back of the school.It has a slide,seesaw,and the swings.


The inside of the building has 4 class rooms and 2 floors.

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