Stampy's Funland is an amusement park in Stampy's Lovely World.Like many amusement parks,Funland has rides and minigames Stampy and his friend always play for fun.New games are added frequently.


It first started in part 32 when Stampy built a mini golf course in the same area of Funland.Although it wasn't until the official idea of Funland began in part 51.The entrance to Funland was through a minecart track,which later got removed and replaced by the Tree Train.The giant sign that says "FUNLAND" however,has been in the Funland for a long time.

Funland began with just roller coasters and dull colors,but as it expanded it became more colorful and the games became more creative.Minigames like shooting snowballs at paintings,pushing minecarts into goals,and much more.These kinds of minigames would take longer to build,but was all worth it as at the end of building,Stampy and his friends have a tournament.

Stampy now spends his majority of time in his videos making new minigames,and playing them with his friends.Funland will just keep on growing.

Location and AreaEdit

The location of Funland is quite far,and is by a sea of ice.It is close to Stampy's friend's houses.The area itself is massive and constantly growing with the constantly growing amount of minigames in the area.There are areas with a big ocean,lots of sand,or just a normal green field.

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